Making the Most of Your CUPA-HR Data Resources
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Presenters: Ray “Chip” Sizemore, Jacqueline Bichsel, and Maria Calcagno

Get an overview of CUPA-HR's 2015-16 salary surveys that will be opening for data collection on Tuesday, October 27. Learn about each of the surveys, which collect salary data for administrative, professional and non-exempt staff positions as well as faculty positions at four-year and two-year institutions.
During this webinar, you’ll:
  • Learn about the surveys and ask questions;
  • Hear about changes that have been made for the 2015-16 surveys; and
  • Find out how your institution can participate by providing its salary data.
Also, learn how to use DataOnDemand, CUPA-HR’s real-time data analysis system, to obtain custom cuts of data for benchmarking your institution’s salaries.
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
October 08, 2015