The Transgender Transition in the Workplace
The Transgender Transition in the Workplace

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Transgender issues are being talked about like never before. The topic has recently hit the mainstream media — from court cases determining rights of transgenders in the military to college campuses determining how to handle dormitory assignments, bathroom usage and health insurance coverage.

If an employee approached you and said “I plan to change my gender” would you know what to do? What steps should your university take before, during and after the transition? What resources are available? What are the legal issues? Can we use this opportunity to further increase awareness and inclusion on our campuses? Discuss these questions and more during this webinar presented in partnership with the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE).

Dr. Al Carlozzi, Professor of Counseling Psychology, and Dr. Sandy Cooper, Director of Human Resources, both of Oklahoma State University
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November 14, 2013